Exciting news, Frenchie Fam!

My Pawesome Frenchie is now opening Guardian Home/Family applications, for a limited time only! We know you are SUPER excited about this (so are we!) but before responding, please take the time to thoroughly read the information below and to apply only if you check ALL the boxes. This is our very first time opening applications up publicly and we are doing so for 48 hours only.


A guardian home is one in which the family and breeder have a written contract and full understanding of a puppy being held back from sale to be used in our breeding program in the future, but resides with the family in their home, living his/her best life as part of the crew! We do this to ensure that we make good on our promise and our #1 priority- for each of our dogs to have a loving home with individualized attention, training, socialization, etc. My Pawesome Frenchie wants all of our pups grow into happy, healthy and well-adjusted dogs..

It is important that the guardian family be open and accommodating (within reason) when it comes to the dog being used in our breeding program. Aside from the predetermined breeding arrangement, in all other aspects, the dog belongs to the guardian family. We aim to ensure all parties involved are well-informed of every detail prior to placement.


Yes, initially there is a cost involved. We do not give our pups away, guardian program or otherwise. This is for multiple reasons, namely to ensure it’s a quality home to match our quality dogs. It is indicative of the guardian family being fully capable of providing the BEST home our dogs. 

Breeding quality French Bulldogs can range from $6000 - $8000 as a pet, If a breeder wants breeding rights the cost would be significantly higher (approximately 2-4 times higher).

The Guardian program allows a family to purchase a “breeding quality” Frenchie for significantly less. Therefore, there is still a cost for adopting a puppy/young adult as a Guardian. 

The reason for this is that many things
determine whether or not a puppy is ever used for breeding purposes. If the puppy doesn’t meet the high standards we have set for our breeding dogs, then the Guardian contract would revert to a pet
contract (if we decide not to use the dog for breeding purposes, you do not pay the difference in cost). If we do make that tough decision to pull the dog out of our breeding program, the dog would be neutered or spayed at My Pawesome Frenchies expense and ownership would be transferred to you under a pet contract. 

The guardian family is responsible for all routine veterinary care including vaccines, RAW food (we don’t believe in feeding kibble- to each their own), grooming, heartworm prevention, training, collars/leashes etc, winter coat/sweater and monthly insurance through Trupanion (we will help you set this up!). These are all mandatory expenses that you would expect to incur for any dog you bring into your home and since this is essentially your dog, they exist in the guardian program too.


Once approved, you will be matched with a puppy (ages can range from early as 8 weeks to 1 year old) who will go home with your family.
During the first year we will have most of their genetic testing completed. When the females go estrus ( heat ) the guardian must will notify MPF. A females heat will last anywhere from 10-21 days every 6-8 months. During the heat cycle the female will come stay at My Pawesome Frenchie HQ to be bred anywhere from 5-7 days and will then go back home to her family for the time of her pregnancy. 

Males are easier. Males can start to be used for studding as early as 8 months and are normally retired by the age of 7.
The guardian must make the male dog available for studding wether is be for our breeding program or for our stud service. Males are only needed for up to 7 days and sometimes they can return home the same day. 

My Pawesome Frenchie does require 2-3 visits annually to ensure the wellbeing of the dog and also to monitor the puppy’s growth to ensure the puppy is eligible for breeding. We require once monthly video checkins to see how the family is doing and any updates on the dogs health/training/etc and pictures sent monthly so we can keep our sites and social media updated. We ask for frequent communication- even if it’s just texting us the pictures you took to show your work friends or tagging us in your social media posts that feature the dog. If you take home a female puppy, the visits will be at My Pawesome Frenchie headquarters to help get your dog comfortable being here since this is where the puppies are whelped until about 8 weeks.


Each dog is individually assessed before determining their required litters. Most of our Guardian dogs will have between two and four litters for us, all depends on the female and what the vet is recommending at time of the C section is done.

Female Guardian puppies placed in a Guardian homes will have up to (and no more than) a total of four litters. The health and well being of our breeding dogs are a priority to us, and prior to any breeding,

Occasionally we may decide to have fewer litters if we have accomplished our goals in development of our Guardian dog in a shorter period of time. Again, this is determined by My Pawesome Frenchie.


- You MUST live within 75 minutes of Etobicoke, ON.
- You must notify us if you move but it cannot be more than 150km from us (again, this is a HUGE commitment so please think it through and speak to your family about it)
- If you move further than 200km away from MPF headquarters you are to pay the remaining balance of the dogs cost (total cost outlined in contract, minus the adoption fee)
-You must take your My Pawesome Frenchie through obedience class ( we have good trainers in our rolodex) 
- You must have (or be willing to accommodate for) a dog-safe home. ie: no unfenced pools, etc
- You must be open to building a trusting relationship with us and maintaining communication
- You must not allow the female to be around intact males during heat cycle
-You must not allow a guardian male to breed with other females without breeder permission
- You must socialize the puppy with other dogs and people - especially children. 
- You must be flexible in sharing the drives to/from the few visits a year
- You must feed the prescribed diet and supplements for the dog. This is important once she is in estrus.
- You must be willing to follow the contract and abide by all of our mandated policies (ie, insurance is NOT an option and we do require proof of ongoing insurance)
- You must be open to an in person interview at your home before you can be accepted as a guardian home. 


- We will choose their registration name but you get to choose their house name that they go by! 
- All breeding expenses are the responsibility of My Pawesome Frenchie Inc.
- My Pawesome Frenchie will cover the cost of food the pregnant dog and her puppies once there is confirmation of pregnancy. 
- You are encouraged to visit your dog and her puppies after the puppies have been weaned. 
- By the time female dogs are 1 year old they have at least entered into their first, if not second, heat cycle.

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