Choosing a dog for your home is an exciting task! But with more than 300 different breeds available, it may also seem like an impossible one. My Pawesome Frenchie is going to the liberty of assuming that you are here because you’re very interested in the possibility of having a Frenchie in your life.


As of this post, Frenchies have become the second most popular dog in America. It’s the breed of choice amongst A-Listers like Dwayne Johnson and Lady Gaga. And since they’re exceptional with small spaces, they’re the perfect dog for city-dwellers – even those who live in shoebox apartments. Frenchies are also easy to take care of. They have short shiny coats that don’t shed much. Like all dogs, they will require regular bathing, about once a week and up to once every six weeks. 

Although they don’t need a large backyard to play in, it’s always good to have one nearby for playtime, although they won’t stay out for too long. Frenchies are known to have low energy and low excitability. This is perfect for anyone that doesn’t like dogs that incessantly bark. If you’re looking for a homebody buddy, then the nap extraordinaire Frenchie might be the one to consider. Their loving, cute, and affectionate personality makes them suitable for families and make great travel companions. Frenchies are simply just fun to be around.


Popularity. Rising popularity has made Frenchies hard to find…and an expensive initial investment. With a price range of $1,500 USD to as high as $20,000 USD, this breed isn’t for everyone. And while a local seller may offer a puppy for considerably less money, you do get what you pay for. Be sure to research whom you’re buying from.

Laidback personality. Long walks at the park, early morning cross country jogs, or a summer’s mountain hike. These are the things you likely won’t be doing with Frenchies. Consider a breed’s energy level matched with your own when deciding. Frenchies love hanging out. Whether it’s around the house or apartment, be it relaxing or cuddling. These laid-back dogs are all about chilling above everything else.

Health issues. Like all dogs, Frenchies have their own list of potential health concerns. Frenchies are sensitive to certain diets. This is more likely caused by sensitivity to a protein source. If your Frenchie has issues with their diet, try switching to a different type of protein in their diet. Some of the more common health concerns with this breed are ear infection, conjunctivitis, and skin problems.

Health insurance. It’s always recommended to purchase pet insurance. When choosing an insurance plan, make sure to research and pick the one that’s right for you. It’s also important to purchase a plan when your dog is young and healthy. Just like any other health insurance, the premium can increase if your dog has a pre-existing condition or is above a certain age. 

So if you’ve made it here and you think you’re a good fit to adopt a French Bulldog and want to find out more. Check out our available or upcoming litters.

Peter Kramm

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