My main man was born November 13, 2017 and immigrated to Canada in early 2018. Immediately after Füli arrived he was socialized with other dogs, animals, and people. He went through extensive training which included basic commands, off-leash work, and sharp recall. This holistic approach desensitized him to environments that can often be very distracting. Cars passing, children running, none of these things phase Füli. 

His diet was also carefully considered. Füli started eating raw food at a very young age to improve his overall health and quality of life. If you're wondering about raw food for your Frenchie, you can find more information here.

Füli's Story

When it comes to his lifestyle, Füli breaks the status quo for French bulldogs because he loves getting into the water. He gets to experience my day-to-day routine and loves to accompany me while running errands. He must be aware of his charm too, because he loves having his picture taken. Or video. He's not picky.

With My Pawesome Frenchie, Füli and I love sharing helpful tips while entertaining you along the way. We could never have imagined turning into an information resource for Frenchie parents, but here we are, an online community starring you-know-who. So the next time you're on Instagram or YouTube give us a follow and make sure to say hi. Füli is always down to make new friends.