Our Story

Let's have a moment of honesty: My Pawesome Frenchie wasn't planned. Everything started in 2017 during a four-city road trip through Europe. Budapest was second last stop while I was planning on wrapping up my trip in Paris. But here's the thing, I never made it to Paris. Because the moment I met Füli in Hungary, I fell in love and I knew he was coming home with me. So I canceled my plans for Paris and headed back home to Toronto with my new roommate. I didn't plan on becoming a Frenchie dad, but then again – I didn't plan on becoming a French bulldog breeder either. However, you learn in life: change is good. This change in particular would prove to be life altering. Now more than three years later, My Pawesome Frenchie has an active and outgoing community, homing Frenchies with loving families all over North America. 

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2021 has much in store for My Pawesome Frenchie. In addition to launching a full line of Frenchie-apparel, more exclusive content, and other exciting announcements - we'll be rolling out an entire program dedicated to promoting awareness for cancer research and treatment.