French Bulldog Puppies: EVICTION NOTICE

Well, folks, it’s that time again- FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIES IN T-31 DAYS! The countdown is on and our little baby momma, My Pawesome Lemon Drop aka “KIWI”, is doing the pregnant momma waddle a little more with each passing day (cue Starrkeisha’s viral song, Baby Mama). The Ontario French Bulldog population is about to grow again!

This is Kiwi’s second litter of French Bulldog puppies and all of us here at MPF are getting quite excited (ok- I am getting quite excited, considering I AM MPF lol). As an Ontario French Bulldog Breeder, I pride myself on ethical and humane dog breeding. A TON of research, time, energy, and money goes into the process, and I do everything I can to ensure healthy and happy moms & pups- as I always say, this isn’t transactional for me, it’s personal. 

Kiwi was born on April 14th, 2020, and is categorized as a blue French Bulldog. She is sweet, affectionate and very docile. Kiwi lives in a guardian home with her human brother Oakley, Frenchie brother Baloo (also a MPF pup) and her other fur sister Kai. Her parents are also my good friends, Chelsea & Ray, and acquired Kiwi through MPF’s Guardianship Program.

Kiwi’s first litter of French Bulldog puppies were born last September, via c-section. She had 9 (yes- NINE!!) little taters- Ruffles, Lady Godiva, Skinny Pop, Pop Tart, Butterfingers, Tootsie Pop, Twinkie, Waffles & the one and only male, Big Pete (think Mr. Big chocolate bars). Big Pete was affectionately named after my late father, Peter Sr. This litter was extra special as it came right after his passing and we were blessed with not only 9 healthy puppies but 1 strong male in the bunch. These puppies all sold by the time they hit 3 weeks old. 

Blue Brindle French Bulldog laying down facing the camera with a neutral colour back drop.
My Pawesome Big Pete

Blu Frenchibles, Architect Astro aka “ASTRO”, * gallantly provided Kiwi & I with his little soldiers to produce this litter, and my experience with Staci Coldham (owner) and her crew was nothing short of fantastic! Astro is a Platinum Lilac French Bulldog stud with blue eyes and a beautiful temperament. Blu Frenchibles is another reputable Ontario French Bulldog breeder. You can check out Blu Frenchibles here

This time around, I bred Kiwi with one of MPF’s European lineage dogs, HARVEY. Harvey was homed to a customer turned friend, Darren. Harvey is a maskless blue tan French Bulldog with an energetic and fun personality.

Maskless blue tan french bulldog standing on all four legs looking up at the camera.

One of the things I REALLY enjoyed with Kiwi’s last litter of precious little French Bulldog puppies, was taking all of you guys along for the ride! From the birthing process to the night feedings and daily weigh-ins, to the whelping and homing- you guys came along for every step.  It was an emotional rollercoaster and I documented it all through lives on my Instagram. The feedback and engagement were really positive and made the whole journey that much more special. It felt like such a team effort. So many of my good friends started as followers and customers- a tribute to just how personal this business is for me. 

MPF has slowly been expanding and we have really exciting things in the works! New litters of French bulldog puppies, new French Bulldogs being added to the Guardianship Program, new apparel for both you and your French Bulldog, and much more. What once started as a huge dream is slowly becoming a reality. It’s crazy to think of how far MPF has come since I started shortly after impulsively buying Fuli while vacationing back home in Hungary. Who knew French Bulldogs would turn into my entire life and livelihood? If you’re interested in that story you can read more about Fuli’s Story here.

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