How to Prepare for Your New French Bulldog Puppy

Pop the bubbly, you’re getting a new French Bulldog puppy!  In today’s blog, I’m going to talk about How to prepare for your new French Bulldog puppy!

A new edition to the family always causes for celebration, but it can also induce stress when it comes to preparing for a new puppy. If you’re a first time French Bulldog pawrent, are nervous about how to prepare for new French Bulldog puppy will get along with your existing French Bulldog or if you are just curious and looking to expand your breed knowledge- this blog is for you! 

As an Ontario French Bulldog breeder and educator, I know firsthand the anxiety that can come along with French Bulldog puppies. After all, they are known to be a high-maintenance breed. I aim to equip my customers and followers with all the knowledge they need to seamlessly welcome a new French Bulldog puppy into their homes and integrate them into their families. 

Blue French Bulldog standing on all fours. The French Bulldog has blue eyes and is demonstrating how Prepare for Your New French Bulldog
Tootsie Pop from Kiwi’s First Litter


Continue reading to learn about how to prepare for your new french bulldog puppy and what to purchase before you bring your new French Bulldog puppy home! Being prepared is the best way to limit stress and ensure you can enjoy this exciting time!

  • Adjustable crate. Crates/kennels are always a great idea! They offer the dog a safe place they know is theirs, establish boundaries, and can aid in potty training. You want them to associate their crates with happy, safe, and relaxing thoughts.  I like to go with a 25inch high, like the one below.
  • Harness, collar, and leash. Collars are necessary for attaching an ID tag (with a phone number) but some French Bulldog owners prefer to walk their dogs in a harness. There are pro’s and con’s to each. Personally, I find a martingale to be the most effective tool for walking/leash training and manners. I will go into more details in a video to come soon so stay tuned for that!
  • ID tag/updated microchip information (never have your dog out and about without these as they are a very important safety measure/precaution)
  • Food and bowls. Talk to your breeder about what food your French Bulldog puppy is currently eating, ask your vet to weigh in on your puppy’s first vet appointment, and have a plan to transition them to whichever food you plan on feeding. I only feed my dogs raw food and go into more detail about that choice **here** if you’re interested in learning more about that!
  • Grooming tools. Brushes, shampoos, pet wipes, q-tips (ears). Despite having short fur coats, French Bulldogs still do shed. A rubber-bristled brush or shedding blade can help with this! Regular brushing will really help maintain healthy coats and happy dogs. 
  • Toys. Lots and lots of toys. Your French Bulldog puppy with be teething and most likely will try and test boundaries with playful nips. Be prepared for some SAFE chew toys and stuffed animals. I recommend a Snuggle Puppy. Not only can your French Bulldog puppy play with it, but they will also find comfort in it and it can help easy any anxiety they may have from all the changes, etc. I go into detail about these **here**

Puppy-proofing your home

For the safety of both your new French bulldog puppy and your home/belongings, I highly encourage you to do a sweep of your residence and identify any potential hazards. This includes hiding away electrical cords, picking up chargers, shoes, valuables, etc. You will also want to re-locate anything that may be poisonous to your pup, such as some houseplants, cleaning supplies, etc. 

Your French Bulldog puppy will be curious and adventurous, wanting to explore their new surroundings and home. While this is important for them to feel safe, I suggest giving them a smaller space as “theirs” to start with. They can familiarize themselves with it, have access to all their essentials, and start to settle in.

Find a vet!

Talk to your trusted French Bulldog breeder for suggestions, join online forums in your area, etc. Finding a vet with BREED KNOWLEDGE is crucial. You can read more about the most common health problems in French Bulldogs in our previous post.

Your First Vet Visit:

  • You should have your first vet appointment scheduled within 72 hours of picking up your puppy.
  • Remember to take a poop sample.
  • Take any papers or documentation you have.
  • ask your vet for a reliable emergency vet that you can utilize should tragedy strike. So It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Don’t let all this overwhelm you or take away from the joy and excitement of getting a new puppy. Being prepared is key and will make for a really enjoyable experience! I offer 1:1 virtual session if you have any concerns or would like advice on anything French Bulldog related. 

Happy puppy days! Be sure to soak it all in and tag me in your Instagram photos so I can get to know you. 

  1. Tracy says:

    I wish I had read this prior to puppy sitting 16 week Orly. We did not have a crate, we did not puppy proof extensively enough. My daughter spent the entire morning prying foreign objects out of her mouth and stopping her from attacking the Christmas tree!

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  3. Katie Pittman says:

    What about potty training? My 4 mo old frenchie pees an extreme amount of times a day. She will literally pee multiple times an hours, and it includes very small amounts. Yesterday she peed multiple times outside within a few minutes and it was trickles. She leaves small puddles multiple times an hour inside. I can’t keep up. I take her out every 20 minutes. I am taking her to the vet ASAP and have an appointment scheduled. I’m wondering if this is a UTI or normal? She does not have bloody urine or other symptoms besides the frequent, small amount of pee. Thank you! I love your website and youtube channel!

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