Should You Get A Second French Bulldog?

Is A Second French Bulldog Better Than One?

Falling in love with your first French Bulldog can often lead to well… another one. These little members of the family can be equal parts hilarious and adorable – having two could only be twice as nice and double the joy. Right?

Not so fast- slow your roll! There are a few things to consider before having two French Bulldogs in your family. While not necessary, you can expect a better outcome for your incoming puppy if your current French Bulldog has entered adolescence/adulthood. This means the elder Frenchie should already have experienced basic training. Otherwise, that “double the joy” could end up being more like “double the trouble.” French Bulldogs are little copy-cats. They will follow suit of your elder dog in both good habits as well as not so desirable ones. If your first French Bulldog needs a tune-up with their training, I recommend you prioritize that, so you set both yourself and your new French Bulldog puppy up for success.

Two French Bulldogs - Truffles( female lilac fawn ) and Füli ( Blue Male) laying down on a bed with white sheets.
Truffles(Lilac Fawn) & Füli (Blue)

You Are The Pack Leader

Remember that YOU are their pack leader. When a pack leader is not home, your dog can develop separation anxiety and build up a lot of pent-up energy. Being at home with nothing to do can lead to undesirable behavior even with dogs that have relatively low energy levels like French Bulldogs. It’s why we hire dog walkers and dog sitters. It’s understandable, that we all have our busy lives, and we all wish we could spend more time with our dogs, but the reality is our dog needs a pack. French Bulldogs especially are very sensitive breeds and cannot be left alone as long as other dogs (not to mention their teeny tiny bladders). I have a whole blog post on separation anxiety and tips to work through it with your pup!

So, if you’re ready for the added benefits, let’s talk about them and the added responsibilities!

Things To Consider Before Your Secon French Bulldog

Time matters. The good thing is, you’ve done this before. Ask yourself if you have the time and patience to dedicate to your new dog just like you did your first dog? As dog owners know, it takes commitment and repetition for a responsible dog owner to fully get your dog out of puppyhood. Of course, as we mentioned, having another dog to be there as a guide can help accelerate your puppy’s intellectual growth (as well as hinder it, so assess carefully prior to adding to your French Bulldog collection!).

Lifestyle. Assess your current lifestyle and living arrangement. Does owning a second Frenchie fit into the mix? Will you be able to handle the added responsibility of taking care of two Frenchies? After all, we know they can be a high-maintenance breed. If you’re finding yourself already having difficulty owning one Frenchie, then maybe having a second won’t be right for you. You’ll need plenty of time set aside for training and transitioning your new dog into your home.

Financial practicality. Remember the adjustment period you had when you brought home your first dog? Now triple it. Of course, it doesn’t take three times as much to raise two dogs, but if it’s beyond your financial comfort zone to own three dogs, then consider waiting just a little bit longer. There are known costs like food, veterinarian visits, and toys, but you must always be ready for unknown expenses. Even if you have insurance (which I highly recommend! I have a video about if you should get insurance.

A good match. Let’s talk about your Frenchie’s personality. Does your Frenchie get along with other dogs? How about their energy level? It’s recommended that your second dog be as close to a compliment, to your first dog, as possible. Experts recommend getting the opposite sex, so they’ll be less inclined to quarrel. However, this won’t matter if your dogs are properly trained. If you’re unsure about how your Frenchie is with other dogs, consider taking them to arranged dog meetups, doggy daycare, or better yet consider dog-sitting another Frenchie in your home for a few days – or longer.  You’ll get a better idea of how your Frenchie will be when another one comes home and it’s also a good way to socialize with other dog owners.


In the end, a second Frenchie will be as time-consuming as your first puppy, but with a little time, patience, and commitment, two French Bulldogs are twice as rewarding! If you’re ready to add a second french bulldog to your family then check out my available puppies. Sign up for the Puppy Notifier. To keep tabs on the adventures of Fuli and Kifli, my two personal dogs, you can follow us on Instagram.

  1. Claire says:

    Hi, we have a 14 month year old male neutered Frenchie called Louis and we would like to buy another Frenchie. He has a lovely temperament and is sociable. Is this a good age to get a new pup? And should we have a male or female? I have read that 2 males can fight but I do not want my male dog to hump a female! He does not hump at all as we had him neutered young. However will the smell of a female encourage this behaviour? Thank you for your help

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